The Smoke House is proud to present musical artists from the Nashville, TN area – better known as Music City, USA. Travelers from around the country, as well as Marion County locals, enjoy the musical styles of the many performers that are featured every weekend.

Read what some of these artists have to say about performing at The Smoke House.

Artist: Runaway Home

Runaway Home has been playing Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse for the past six years. We’ve watched our fan base grow steadily over the years playing the “Music on the Mountain” series. It takes time and a lot of promotional elbow grease to orient an audience to an original music listening room. JD Oliver (the owner) and Marla Sitten have done a masterful job in doing just that.

Runaway Home is famous for throwing epic post-concert parties, and the rustic Smokehouse Cabins have hosted their fair-share. But with those cabins tucked peacefully back in the woods, they have also been a perfect place for our band to write songs, rehearse new arrangements and just be still for a moment, which is an unusual luxury on the road. Having an out-of-town listening room and concert gig so close to home, plus the great down-home ribs and fried pies, makes The Smokehouse a ‘home away from home’ for the band and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the series with five shows in 2017.

Artist: Robert Burgeis

When I come to perform at The Smoke House it feels like I’m coming home. I am honored to be part of their music scene and family. I really enjoy the home cooking, the relaxing atmosphere and the kind and friendly people at The Smoke House. The music scene is something special; it’s a place you can come hear the best singers and writers in a family atmosphere. The music room is decorated with items from music history you may never see anywhere else.

The Smoke House music scene is a benefit to Marion County because it brings artists and writers to the area who would otherwise never come. Lastly I would just like to say thank you to JD and Marla at The Smoke House for giving artists like myself a place to share our music.

Artist: Jesse Black

I grew up in Jasper and went to Marion County High School. I’ve been coming to The Smoke House since I was 12 years old and I am currently in my first year of college. My first musical experience at The Smoke House was when I participated in their ‘Smokin’ Hit Songwriter’ series.

I love performing at The Smoke House and seeing Marla and JD and all the other regulars. I enjoy having an audience that’s there for music and playing to people who are really listening. The music scene at The Smoke House is great and full of talent. The musicians there have always been great to me even as a kid when I was starting out.